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Beyond The Natural Foundation [BTNF], is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization whose vision and mission is to empower our youth through music by serving them in music education and performance to provide expressive therapy and inspiration for creating greater life opportunities. BTNF fulfills its mission by using music Education to equip, Art to inspire, and Resources to provide growth for our youth. Robert Levine III, founding Executive Director for BTNF, understands the importance of extending resources into our communities to our disadvantaged youth to provide real support in helping them achieve their goals.


Along this amazing journey, Robert Levine crossed paths with Marcel “Kariz” Martin, founding Director of Kariz Kids Youth Enrichment Services [KKYES]. KKYES is on a mission to empower communities by bridging the gap between education, arts and business incorporating quality enrichment programs and services to youth organizations. 


Robert and Marcel have both discovered, after engaging our youth in the arts for some time, that there are always a few kids at the end of each program that have established a deeper connection with music and desire to grow as musicians, songwriters, and producers but don’t have the resources. As a result, Beyond The Natural Foundation is establishing the “Music In Me” Grant. The “Music In Me“ Grant program is designed to provide music equipment to disadvantaged youth that have demonstrated excellence in participation in the arts enrichment programs of BTNF and KKYES and possess the desire to use music as a tool to create greater life opportunities. Robert and Marcel, through their passion to help these kids, decided to collaborate to identify potential grant recipients throughout the communities in which they serve.


Grant Recipient Qualification:


  1. Recipient must have participated in an arts enrichment program of BTNF or KKYES.

  2. Recipient must have a legitimate need for the equipment (subject to review by grantee selection committee).

  3. Recipient must submit a request in writing or even a video expressing their desire to move forward with music in their lives to accomplish a goal.


Grant Recipient Requirements:


  1. Grant recipients will be required to volunteer 10 hours in a program of BTNF or KKYES. It is imperative that our youth embrace the power of giving back to the community.

  2. Grant recipients will be required to report on how the MIM Grant has allowed them to reach a goal (within year of receiving award).

  3. Grant recipients will be involved in selecting a future grant recipient.


Grant recipients will be awarded musical equipment and other resources to allow them to further their newly discovered passion, achieve new goals, and embrace the power of giving back to others. 


Please join the movement and partner with us by supporting our "200 for $20"Fundraiser"  during the month of May as we bring about positive change in our communities by investing in our youth and empowering them to create greater life opportunities.

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