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StillMeadow Community Fellowship

5110 Frederick Avenue

Baltimore, Maryland 21229

Music Classes

Introduction to Music Production


If your child is constantly DANCING or SINGING around the house…or maybe your teen has white ear buds dangling from their ears as if they were born with them…constantly consuming music…then it may be TIME to introduce them to something that will GIVE LIFE to their CREATIVITY. This class is designed for any and everyone with any level of interest or experience in music to HAVE FUN creating their own ORIGINAL Hip-Hop, Pop, or R&B song while learning music production basics. Class participants will interface with state-of-the-art technology using Mac Computers, Logic Pro X Digital Audio Workstation software, and Arturia Mini-Lab controllers as they create music using basic midi sequencing and audio loops. Youth will leave with knowledge of basic editing and mixing techniques as well…and the BEST PART, they will leave with their OWN SONG!


The Drum Experience


Tired of your child BANGING or TAPPING on everything they can get their hands on? Well let’s give them an outlet for RHYTHM, RHYTHM, and MORE RHYTHM! The Drum Experience is just that…an EXPERIENCE! Here is an opportunity for youth to have fun engaging with their peers as they explore the wonderful world of rhythm going through multiple genres. Youth will collaborate as they develop and demonstrate rhythms on acoustic and electronic percussion including but not limited to:


Acoustic Drum Sets

West African Djembes

Electronic Percussion Pads


Youth will learn and develop hand and sticking techniques, dynamics, and coordination as they learn cadences and build rhythms of their own! This class is designed to inspire the sense of community that happens from a collection of people centered on the same VIBRATION. And YES, they will have their RHYTHMIC FIX for the day. 


The Piano & Guitar Workshop


MELODIES, MELODIES, and MORE MELODIES! Has your child ever expressed interest in learning the piano? How about interest in learning to play the guitar? WELL LET’S EXPOSE THEM TO BOTH!!! This class is special in that kids get to instantly create the harmonic link between the piano and guitar. Participants get to experience learning basic chords on piano and guitar as well as rhythmic techniques for both. Some of today’s pop hits and classic hit songs can provide a great blueprint for chord progressions to fuel any musical journey. This experience is ONE OF A KIND because it provides the benefit of learning the PERSPECTIVE of two different instruments and CONTEXT for how they can relate to each other in POP MUSIC. After successfully playing a POP song with their newfound friends, this collaborative experience will surely be rewarding and leave kids feeling Creatively Inspired to pursue more fun learning in piano, guitar, or MAYBE EVEN BOTH. 

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