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What is the impact?

Check Out an Amazing Experience in BTNF's 2020 Summer Camp that was featured on WBAL11!

Meet Jacob and Amora! They had this to say about their first day in BTNF's 2020 Summer Camp on WJZ13!

Meet SIARRA! She had this to say about her experience in BTNF's music program on FOX45!

Meet ISAIAH! He had this to say about his experience in BTNF's music program!

“I am writing to both endorse and recommend ‘Beyond The Natural Foundation Inc.’ as a provider of excellent intervention tools through music and the use of art and rhythm to engage clientele with behavioral concerns, self –esteem issues, and/or mental health needs. The best measure of success for me is to have the feedback of youth that have participated in the program and observing their many accomplishments after completing the program. The dedication and passion witnessed of this program Director’s love of music, and how it speaks to us as individuals exudes a profound view of his ability to make a difference in each individual’s life. This program utilizes components of instruments, music, and lyrics to identify areas of concern and in turn assist with the communication of those thoughts and feelings through the expression of music with or without words in a positive way. Overall this program provides an alternative form of communication that allows individuals to use different forms of self-expression and is a great tool for engaging clients with life challenges mentally or physically. Music is universal and is evident in how the world is able to come together from one song or a portion of lyrics to a song. Music is a love language of many forms that communicate with us as human beings on levels unexplained.”

- Kara-Sue Harriott

   Director of Quality Management, BTST Services, LLC

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