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"A Camp Experience Changing Lives"

Beyond The Natural Foundation (BTNF), in collaboration with Faith Presbyterian Church and Stillmeadow Community Fellowship church, has created a dynamic summer camp experience to provide high-dosage enrichment programming where youth get to learn positive ways to express themselves through musical art, collaborate on projects that create community, enhance their critical thinking and writing skills, and decrease summer learning loss. During this summer camp experience, youth grow musically by learning Songwriting, Beat Making, Music Production, Piano, Drumming and Vocal Performance while exploring the fundamental aspects of rhythm and harmony. Campers get to develop academically through progress-driven academic instruction for the upcoming school grade in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, and Language Arts subject areas. Since BTNF summer camp is designed to be one of the most transformative experiences a child can have, campers get to have fun with other enrichments as well.


Our 2021 Summer Camp was no different evidenced by our 2021 Summer Camp Showcase. After just 7 weeks, our amazing kids with little to no prior experience, learned how to express themselves musically on a variety of instruments, write songs and compose music, and creatively collaborate with their peers. Our campers learned:

African Drumming

The Steel Pan


Acoustic Drum Set


Music Production

Beat Making with The MPC

Vocal Performance

Our kids are CHAMPIONS! They showed Commitment to this journey of using music to refine their Creativity through Collaboration in all efforts to build Community!

We are grateful for the contributions of all of our AMAZING TEACHERS, CAMP COORDINATORS, and COUNSELORS! This would not have been possible without you! Last but not least, to the AMAZING PARENTS who trusted Beyond The Natural Foundation with their children, THANK YOU and we hope to see your kids AGAIN!!!

We hope you enjoy this presentation and consider joining our movement! SUBSCRIBE and SUPPORT! Peace and Blessings! 


"From Our Heart, To Yours"

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