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BTNF Alum Turns Into Visual Artist Phenom Making A Difference!

Amaya first participated in BTNF’s Summer Camp in 2019 where she first began exploring a world of creative development with high dosage music arts enrichment as well as visual arts activities. Amaya not only participated in summer camp, but also returned to work as a camp counselor for multiple summer camp seasons thereafter. Amaya has emerged as a phenomenal visual artist evidenced by her scholarship to UMBC as a Linehan Artist Scholar. Amaya has not only added tremendous value to UMBC arts community, but the entire Catonsville Arts District where she has even had her artwork line Frederick Road during the 2023 Holiday Season, and had her work featured at multiple Baltimore County Arts Guild events. Amaya has always had a heart for service and giving back to her community. In all efforts to pay it forward, she is helping BTNF raise money for its upcoming environment themed creative arts summer camp by creating Reusable Tote Shopping Bags that feature some of her art pieces. These bags not only help reduce our negative impact on the environment, but promotes the great work of an emerging young African American female artist while helping support Beyond The Natural Foundation continue our mission of empowering our youth through music. We are super proud of Amaya Levine!

Please support our fundraiser by purchasing a bag or two or three and help us continue our positive impact on Baltimore and Beyond!

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